The recruiters at IKON Complete are very skilled at what they do.  Our vacancies, at times, can be very difficult to fulfill – being the industry that we are in.   They have proven time and time again to be an asset to our organization as they have been able to assist us in our recruitment process in finding, attracting and qualifying great contributors to our team!  Excellent experience in working with IKON Complete! 

HR Manager - Chemical Manufacturer

I found IKON Complete Inc. to be very professional and extremely focused on getting us the best candidate for our company.  Our account representative was always accessible and very customer focused.  I look forward to working with IKON Complete Inc. for years to come!

HR Manager - Food & Beverage Industry

I had never used the services of a recruitment firm prior to IKON Complete.  They are very knowledgeable about our industry and the labour market.  They have assisted us with numerous vacancies within our Head Office as well as many Field roles.  I am extremely satisfied I reached out to them as they have now become an integral part of our  business moving forward.

President - Construction Industry

After two years of a very long commute, I decided I needed a change in employment.  IKON Complete helped me find my new career that was a better fit for my life.  The recruiter I dealt with, and all the other staff members at IKON Complete, are great.  They helped me along the way, and during the entire process they were always able to explain the finer details to me.  THANKS!!

Controls Designer- Automotive Industry

IKON Complete helped us greatly during one of our rush periods.  We needed to staff a number of production / warehouse openings.  It was imperative that we bring the right people in; and we had a limited time to do so.  IKON Complete came through. Their level of commitment and dedication was second to none!

Operations Manager - Distribution Facility

The recruiter I worked with at IKON Complete was very knowledgeable about his client’s requirements and the overall market.  As I was looking to make my career change I always knew he had my best interest in mind.  He assisted me in joining my new employer and I couldn’t be happier.  Thank you!

Sr. Creative Director - Packaging Industry

I was very happy with the recruiter from IKON Complete.  She was very professional and helped me find my new job.

Technician - Electronics Industry

I have worked with several agencies in the past. IKON Completes’ name came to me from a colleague and I decided to get in touch with them.  Needless to say, IKON Complete does what other firms cannot do. I know I am receiving their full commitment on every recruit as they consistently go above and beyond my expectations.  I am extremely happy with their overall process and professionalism. I would definitely recommend their services.

Human Resources Manager - Food & Beverage Industry